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  1. Forms can be received by email, online, scanned or posted to Watton Carnival
  2. Stall holders are required to sign a booking form and should be aware that our public liability covers the event ONLY and that each individual stall owner is liable for their own insurance and health and safety risk assessment on the day
  3. Watton Carnival retrain the right to refuse any stall holders on the grounds of immoral or illegal and acceptance of groups, associations and individuals will be strictly our decision

Working terms

Watton Carnival


Terms and Conditions

  1. The security of your personal information is of the highest priority and will remain confidential and never knowingly made available to third parties without express permission from the Client.  We will not sell or disclose any of your personal information to third parties.
  2. Watton Carnival members will not disclose, divulge, report, use or reveal, for any purpose any confidential or personal information in respect of the Client or their business without express permission of the client.  If a project involves revealing of information for furthering of the event then express permission will be sought before the start of the project.  We are happy to sign any Confidentiality Contracts or Non Disclosure Agreements you wish to draw up or require signed
  3. Data collection and storage is strictly compliant with the ICO UK Data Protection Legislation
  4. As standard we will require your name, address and email details in order to process paperwork

  1. Payment will only be accepted by BACS transfer, cheque or cash and must be in UK Pounds Sterling currency
  2. Our prices will be reviewed annually in line with inflation and economics  and any increases will be kept to a minimum although stall holders will always be advised prior to the event of any cost increases

Financial terms