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The Watton Carnival was due to take place on Sunday 20th September, due to the current situation with Covid-19 and doubts surrounding large events, plus the uncertainty of licenses being granted it is with much consideration and sadness that the committee have no alternative but to postpone until 19th September 2021

In the meanwhile, we running a treasure hunt for the first 10 correct entries will received a £ 5.00 book voucher

The theme ‘Guardians of the Planets’ will remain the same

We are expecting a large amount of interest for 2032 so we shall be takings bookings now.

For any further information please email wattoncarnival@gmail.com

Celebrating life in Watton, the Carnival is all set to take place on Sunday 19st September 2021 location Watton High Street, free admission.

The carnival encourages people of the town, young and old to come together and enjoy the day. It provides an opportunity for charities, organisations and businesses to raise awareness and fund raise for specific or general causes. We aim to make it as inexpensive as possible for families, offering free attractions, free entry, the church service and parade as well as rides and activities.

As the carnival is continuing and building on the success of previous years we are seeing an increase in the number of participants, attractions and stalls, there was an array of homemade produce and crafts.

Watton Carnival

Fun filled inexpensive family day out

Aimed at incorporating all generations and cultures

Watton has kept this tradition alive since 1924

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